Basically, earlier this year Wendy’s twitter gained popularity for roasting people but then they posted a rare meme and chaos ensued. Apparently Pepe the frog is suppose to be a symbol of the ALT-Right which comprises of both edgy neo nazis and white nationalists.

I got this idea while eating as a Wendy’s. Back in January, my friend randomly showed me some hilarious tweets from Wendy’s and when I eventually searched it up, this “controversy” popped up.

I know, nazis and white nationalism isn’t edgy, so yeah this post was hyped but lately I’ve just been frustrated because I have to suppress a lot ideas.  It’s isolating because I can’t talk about stuff I’m interested in virtually and in my day to day life, but fortunately people have been showing me a lot of support for the few risks I’ve taken and I’m grateful. I just wish I could have 100% artistic freedom, but doesn’t every artist wish for that?