A descendant of the real Dracula (Vlad the Impaler), appears on the Western Front to begin a new Crusade against the emboldened terrorists acting in the name of the “religion of peace”.

After the Manchester attacks, I realized that I’ve become numb to it. I’ve come to expect it and every time it happens, I already know who’s responsible and what is going to follow. Someone cries “allahu ackbar”, they fuck shit up, people die, virtue signaling ensues, new media covers it, the news sugar coats it, politicians exploit it, moose looms fail to condemn or fight against it… rinse and repeat. You’d think that a calculated attack against children would be the last straw, but no, the cycle continues.

What ever happened to shooting people in the face when they incite violence and declare war against your country? You don’t negotiate with terrorists, let alone allow things to go unpunished. What is happening to the Western world? America, Canada, UK, Australia… They’ve gone through two world wars, TWO. Yet there seems to be no signs of letting up when it comes to the “cultural enrichment” occurring in the West.

Even if politics don’t interest you, as a lover of flat chests, you should at least be concerned about the girls who are vulnerable to the grooming and the attacks. To some extent, adults can protect themselves, but young boys and girls don’t have the physical stature to fight back or the mental capacity to fully grasp what is going on. The least we can do as adults is get rid of the people trying to destroy the rest of the world.

My solution? Get rid of the stigma around this topic and talk more about it. Arm responsible citizens. Don’t attract unproductive people by giving endless handouts and vet everyone trying to get through your borders. Make sure they want to assimilate by embracing western culture and participating in the system. If their values don’t line up, kick them to the curb.

Here are some interesting videos I’ve watched regarding the Manchester attacks:

“Unity? How about honesty…”

“Why the left allies itself with Islam but hates Christianity”

And some older vids about how China has dealt with terrorism and how Japan is also changing.

“China’s Ruthless Crackdown on its Muslim Population”

“Japan vs. The Islamic State”


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