Last week, the US president retweeted this gif. FNN got butthurt and spent resources hunting down the reddit shitposter who shared the meme and threatened to dox him if he didn’t change his ways. It’s concerning but also hilarious and astounding how memes could be the downfall of a major news network. Here’s a video that explores this topic in more depth.

 Kudos to はあど for inspiring this weeks coloring and style. He’s a personal favorite of mine and I hope to bring you collaboration with him someday. In the meantime, I have a number of collaborations with some great artists in the works so look forward to that.

FYI, the artist who drew the Trump I based mine off of draws a lot of gay porn. Just letting you know before your eyes are met with a barrage of muscular homosexual men. Their Trump post was very tasteful though. Reminds me of that one American Dad episode where Stan joins a gay republican party.