In Japan, it’s customary to say itadakimasu (いただきます)before meals to express gratitude for the food. I thought about that and wanted to draw a gourmet meal so here is the end result. If you want to see the FULL 300dpi PRINT RES, you can get the full set as well as any other posts made this month if you select the 10$ tier on my PATREON!

Yes, I have one now so that I can spend more time making images like this. The struggle was real with how little time I have during the week to draw, but I don’t want to bore you with too many pin ups. However, I won’t be able to make complex posts like this all that often until I meet my goal. If you’d like to help the site grow and see more images like this, PATREON is the best option for me at the moment. I’ll be promoting the shit out of it soon with a new video I’m working on, so look forward to that.

Also, menu bar is fully functional! See you later this week!