“Two to three months after being raped by Foxgildy, Tail Red learns that she’s pregnant. She stands in front of a mirror, examining the slight swell of her belly. She’s curious about and awed by the physiological changes of her pregnancy. How can she be pregnant? Isn’t she a man? She imagines what she will look like months from now, what it would be like to give birth. She’s horrified by the prospect of having this parasite planted inside her by the deceased rapist. What would their offspring look like? Was she ready to be a mother? Could she be a mother to the spawn of her enemy?”

Sorry I’m late, this one was pretty challenging. The first preggo girl in the foxhole it seems. Concept brought to you by a connoisseur–a special Patron. Updates will be a bit irregular this month, but I will have 4 new posts as usual. Now that it’s October, I have some fun concepts I want to get to. I hope I can accomplish them all before the month ends. Time has been flying by since I started the foxhole back in April. I look forward to spending the holidays with you.

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