Hillary’s got to make up for all that foreign aid somehow.

Sorry for the late post. I tried to draw more than I usually do, but that ended up setting me back a couple of days. Hope it was worth it. This post is inspired by an actual book if you’re wondering about the legitimacy of it. I was planning to do something based on a /pol/ pic I found last year, but I just kept putting it off and now it’s not really relevant anymore so you’ll have to just wonder about what I was planning, heh. Anyway, I’m glad the election is finally over. Just so draining to see it all over the internet. At least the liberal tears are delicious.

Speaking of greed, you can throw some paper at me on PATREON in exchange for the ridiculously huge original files of this post. Comes with a bonus “I’m Rich Bitch!” post I also did of Hillary dressed in the finest couture money can buy. I think lavishly clad lolis are my thing now.