I know that my site is still fairly new, so there’s no reason for moral crusaders to come around and indict me on a quiet platform. Though someone will speak up eventually. I’m not going to regurgitate what every other artist or consumer says about this stuff. I’m a reasonable person. I’m not afraid of discourse or being wrong. So if you have a problem with what I draw, here’s your chance to prove your moral superiority.

Provide empirical data/evidence that proves my drawings impact other people negatively. If you can prove that it prevents people from developing into decent, productive, well adjusted adults, I’ll admit that I’m wrong and adjust my behavior accordingly. Though I’m confident that will never happen since controversial art has always existed yet there have NOT been any substantial studies to prove that it negatively affects psychological development. The Crucifixion of Christ being one of the oldest for instance–it depicts one of the most violent forms of execution, yet millions of people bear the cross around their neck, in their house, and in places of worship. Christians are some of the most charitable people and many have gone on to become doctors, scientists, intellectuals–basically productive contributors to society,  so obviously morally questionable art doesn’t have the negative impact people claim it does.

I don’t think anyone will ever say: “I couldn’t develop into a well adjusted adult because of certain drawings.” Though in the same vein, I don’t think it should be normalized especially if the intended purpose is to capture the likeness of a real person. If I had younger siblings or even my own children, I wouldn’t want porn drawn in their likeness to exist since it could negatively affect their reputation. Just imagine if you were young and everyone had seen these drawings based on you. They weren’t based on anything real, they just maintained the likeness of your face, but they were drawn well enough to the point where it might as well have been real. People could treat you as they would treat a girl who actually did have her nudes leaked. You could be alienated, ostracized, or discriminated against and that could affect how you operate as an adult. Development of the human brain doesn’t stop until the age of about 25, so it’s best to take great care during those impressionable years.

That said, I still stand by the act of drawing something based on a person if you approach it from an artistic perspective. If you’re focused more on the person’s features as opposed to the actual person, then I think that’s healthy since you learn anatomy and diversity of character design through observation. There’s a reason why I chose not to continue this series beyond what you’d typically find in a life drawing class.

I also purposely chose to stylize the character in a way that is more in line with the usual things I like (so anime proportions basically). I kept the blond wig, brown eyes, and brow structure, but everything else is just the typical shit I like (small nose, big eyes, freckles, etc). My defense is that I’m not fixated on the person, but more so the abstracted features–the result being a sort of Frankenstein image which comprises 100% of my work. All the references I use are either of adult men or women, because as an artist, you’re not tethered to reality. You can take the basic concepts of anatomy and apply it in creative ways whether you’re an artist who draws fantasy monsters or cute characters.

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