edit: Still don’t get what the difference between a mermaid and a siren is (are sirens evil and mermaids neutral?), but I hate being misinformed so there ya go.

I don’t go to Starbucks too often because it costs an arm and a leg, but when I do, my favorite thing to order is a tall green tea frappuccino and a tomato mozzarella panini. Everything is based on the picture below. Click on it to go to the original.

You know, I’m always in my head, thinking about…stuff. Sometimes I look forward to post just to fill the description with my thoughts. I know people read this thing for some reason and it excites me to have a platform of my own, but then often times I don’t end up writing anything. I do feel like making the effort to fill it up with something though.

Today, I spent most of my time in my room finishing this piece. I like to have something going on in the background when I’m working. I usually switch back and forth between Netflix, music, political podcasts, and whatever random shit that may catch my interest (I know, it sounds unproductive as fuck but it’s actually a good way to prevent carpal tunnel; breaks are important!) Even the most vapid videos of Youtube personalities doing whatever it is they do is entertaining. It’s a great way to get material for writing stories because you can learn a lot just from watching people doing regular tasks.

Take a girl doing her makeup while candidly chatting for instance. The little mannerisms, her routine, the products she uses, the stuff she talks about–are all things I can use to write a character like Julia. I’m not a teenage girl. There’s no way for me to know all the details, but these little glimpses people so openly give of their life is a great resource of information on human behavior. I just love that kind of stuff. It’s the kind of thing I wish more film makers and writers would consider.

So yeah, that’s a little bit of what goes on in my head on a daily basis. I get criticized for it sometimes; the usual insult is that I sound like a robot. Which doesn’t make sense because I just finished a Korean drama recently and there were tons of feels–I cried at one point. Anyway, I’m hungry now. I’m going to get some pho or something. See ya guys later. I’m so happy to have finished this earlier than usual.


Also, I really like this song. I was listening to it a lot lately while drawing this.