I’m really starting to fall in love with this girl. She keeps her body tight with a healthy diet, lots of water, plenty of rest, and hours of dance practice. She’s classically trained in ballet, but prefers more contemporary/western styles. Trap, hip-hop, and R&B are actually very popular in Korea. Julia’s basically a mix of Mina Myoung and Jade Chynoweth. Examples of the type of choreography Julia likes to perform – the chick in the middle (Jade) and the chick in the very beginning (Mina).  She’s a bit of provocateur but she’s faithful to her oppa. She just likes to put on one hell of a show.

Regarding the recent unusual post…sometimes I go through things like that and I try not to show that I’m troubled, but I realize I have to be a bit vulnerable if I want to improve. Even if it’s perceived as weakness, I’m growing stronger as a result. Fortunately it’s revealed the amount of faith people have in me. Thank you to those who reached out to me.

If you’d like to see this piece in it’s full glory, basically about 10x the size (I work on a very large canvas) you can get it as well as the rest of the pieces for this month if you pledge 10$ to PATREON. Every pledge brings me closer to my goal of getting off the Eastern Front and drawing hentai full time. It’s cold out here and mean ol’ Ivan keeps me busy.

Anyway, I’ll be back with hopefully a bigger, kind of crazy post.