Imagine seeing this cutie skating alone on a frozen pond in the middle of the forest. For some reason, this song comes to mind. He hears the crushing of snow beneath your boot, but you raise your arms up to show you mean no harm. One thing leads to another and you’re doing it on the snow.

I’ve been watching this LGBT anime called Yuri On Ice. The main supporting character Viktor, an Olympic ice skater from Russia, was very beautiful when he was young. He basically looked like Andrej Pejic before the transition and that was stunning enough to me that I felt it warranted a post. My depiction doesn’t look very much like him because I chose to stray from the source material, but I hope you can appreciate the effort nonetheless. I owe the lovely color pallet to Szymon Biernacki. I’m still learning a lot about color theory and the science of light, so it helps to stand on the shoulder of giants. Also, a big thanks to those of you who stick with me, even when I deviate and draw a bit of gay shit.

I’m doing winter themes all month. Check it out.