Rajendra, prince of Shindra, honors Arslan as a treasured prisoner of war.

I want to draw more traps since they look so much like pettankos, but I have to really like the character. With Arslan, not only is he the cutest character in the series, he’s fucking admirable when you witness how he builds up his own military force. Idealistic, yes, but still impressive how he can earn people’s respect. I couldn’t help but feel attracted to such a charming character. I highly recommend this show (also called Arslan) which is based on the Persian and Byzantine conflicts from the 6th century BCE. Animation is on point, narrative is solid, and it’s pretty well executed. I’m talking about the 2015 adaptation by the way. Not sure about the 2nd season since it’s ongoing, but definitely watch the 1st when you get the chance.

I’ll see you next week possibly with a big post!


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