And the July poll winner is…Me? Fuck.

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NOTE: I painted over a tank from Sketchup’s 3d warehouse. (I forgot who made it but check back later for credits)

That said, I had fun with this piece even though I said I wouldn’t draw my character. People rarely draw historically accurate Nazis so I wanted to try drawing those glorious uniforms that Karl Diebitsch and Walter Heck designed (Hugo boss produced it). I left out some details because I’m already behind, but most of it is there.

The thing about nazis and soldiers in general is that contrary to popular belief, they are actually complex and not just a slur used against those Pepe loving, alt-right, Zionist conspiracy mongering, white nationalists. Many Germans were seduced by Hitler’s oration skills, but once they realized what was happening to the Jewish people and what National Socialism actually entails, some would go as far as disobeying the Fuhrer out of respect for their enemies, even if it meant sacrificing their life for their family.

I know some Wehrmacht were anti-Semitic Hitler fanboys, but realize that there were many young men like my character who were swept into war by Germany’s brewing political affairs. Many were apolitical denizens, drafted at gunpoint, wanting the war to end as well as autonomy for their people, even if they went down in history as the worst human beings to walk the Earth.

Nuance. It’s a hell of a thing.

Speaking of nuance, check out this video of the man featured in today’s post. He’s a really interesting historical figure.